5 Common HVAC Installation Mistakes and How They Cost You

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5 Common HVAC Installation Mistakes and How They Cost You

Even the most expensive HVAC system will not operate efficiently if the installation is done in the wrong way. The manner of how the system is installed affects all facets of its operation including comfort and longevity. Thus, to make the most of your newly-purchased HVAC equipment, make sure to hire a reliable contractor to install the system.

Here are five (5) costly installation mistakes that you should watch out for.

  1. Not Getting the Exact Size

When installing a new HVAC system, it is vital that your contractor performs a detailed and accurate load calculation for your home. A contractor that relies on the outdated “rule of thumb” and makes only “guess estimates” puts you in a long-term problem situation. An under or over sized system ineffectively heats or cools a space.

  1. Ignoring a Good Ductwork Design

Ductwork involves a series of basic configurations that should depend on the design of your home. A trustworthy HVAC contractor assures that the ducts are properly sized and designed to allow a balanced airflow. Whereas, a poorly designed duct system causes uneven temperature indoors.

  1. Neglecting a Home Energy Audit

Before installing the system, your contractor should assess your home’s energy efficiency. An energy evaluation must be done for optimized comfort and energy savings. The results of the assessment will point out the areas where to insulate and seal air leaks.

  1. Having Incorrect Exhaust Plan

Your HVAC system, particularly the furnace, generates poisonous gases that should be expelled from the system to ensure a clean and safe indoor air. When exhaust and dampers are installed properly, they can effectively vent out these toxic gasses including carbon monoxide. Also, see to it that the exhausts are the right size for the system.

  1. Improperly Designed Drain System

Excess water from air conditioners has to drain safely to avoid damage to your home and the system. Stored water can lead to mold buildup and air quality issues. Therefore, it is important to have an appropriately designed drainage structure for your new heating and cooling equipment.

Avoid these HVAC installation errors by getting the right installers for the job. If you need the right people to install your system, Freezing Mechanical is always on the go. For many years, our skilled technicians have successfully installed both residential and commercial HVAC systems. Call us today for free estimates and quality installation work.