A/C Maintenance

Everyone knows that A/C maintenance is crucial to your air conditioning unit, but only few take it seriously. Your unit may seem just fine on the outside but there can be a different situation on the interior part of the system. This is when regular maintenance is a big help.

It may seem like another set of expense but maintenance checks can give you real benefits in savings and prolonging the life of your unit. If you haven’t had your schedule yet, now is the time to call the professionals at Freezing Mechanical. We can help in keeping the efficiency and longevity of your system by providing thorough and complete maintenance checks.

Our air conditioning maintenance services include air filter cleaning, coil cleaning, refrigerant checks and recharging, and general air conditioning maintenance.

We cannot prevent HVAC emergencies from taking place, but we can offer an alternative for these crucial times. By signing up on our Service Maintenance Agreement Plan, you can enjoy great savings, priority services, discounts and many other benefits from our company.

For more information, please contact us now on 305-299-3737 to speak to a member of our team nearby. We respond quickly to customers and may be able to schedule your appointment on the same day as your call.