Airflow Problems In My AC: What Are The Signs and Causes?

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Airflow Problems In My AC: What Are The Signs and Causes?

Do you wonder why South Florida homeowners get terrified for having airflow problems? Like them, you need to realize that airflow issues are something you should not ignore. These problems can create another system failure. Later, they will surprise you with multiple troubles when they come out together.

Read on to find out more about signs and causes of airflow problems.

Signs of A/C Airflow Problems 

If you are not sure about your airflow’s current condition, here are the signs you should watch out:

  • Your A/C releases humid indoor air
  • The air pressure is not balanced
  • Little or no air passes through your A/C registers
  • Hot or cold spots exist in your home, without a consistent temperature level

Excessive strains on your unit might happen if these signs are not addressed immediately, causing failure in the compressor. You should know that your air conditioner will not run without a compressor. So, check out the symptoms earlier and fix them. Otherwise, you will have to replace the entire system and suffer another hefty investment.

Causes of AC Airflow Problems

We have gathered the common causes of airflow problems in your air conditioning. Make sure to bring some of these problems to professionals for expert diagnosis.

  1. Leaky or Impeded Ductwork

Your ductwork may potentially develop holes or cracks that will later result to leak out. Also, dirt and debris may build up in the ductwork. As a result, some parts of your system may be damaged, and your indoor air may suffer. Have your ductwork checked regularly to avoid costly problems like these.

  1. Clogged Air Filter

Clogged filters obstruct the airflow that may lead to uneven temperature inside the house. Also, debris and dirt that get inside your unit can impede your system’s operation and affect its efficiency. Replacing your air filters regularly is necessary to avoid airflow issues.

  1. Blocked Registers or Vents

Some of your appliances and furniture may be blocking your A/C’s registers or vents without your notice. You will only realize it when you feel like there is not enough cool air coming from your unit. With this, you have to remove or place the furniture in some area so they will not block the flow of air.

  1. Uncleaned Condenser Coil

Condenser coils are essential parts of your outdoor unit which means they are exposed to harsh weather, dust, and debris. If cleaned regularly, your outdoor unit will perform at optimum efficiency while securing your family with healthy and clean air to breathe.

  1. Out-dated System

Homeowners who made several home renovations need to update their A/C system. Your cooling unit might be too old with out-dated features. It would be best to replace it with a new one considering your home’s load requirements. Make sure to talk with HVAC contractors to discuss your comfort options.

A drop in the efficiency of your air conditioning unit triggers potential trouble in the long run. That means you cannot delay calling our professionals to resolve the problems. For expert and quick A/C unit repair in South Florida, Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning is here to help.