Germicidal UV Lights for AC Systems – Are They Effective?

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Germicidal UV Lights for AC Systems – Are They Effective?

Do you have a huge problem with your indoor air quality? Well, a germicidal UV light might help solve this issue. Read on to learn more about germicidal UV lights, how they function, and how they can take your IAQ problems away.

What are Germicidal UV Lights?

Ultra-violet lights are categorized into three types based on their wavelengths measured in nanometers. These are UV-A (black light), UV-B (known to cause sunburn) and UV-C (germicidal UV) which is widely used in many applications like sterilizing water and sanitizing surgical tools in hospital. Germicidal UV lights are shortwave UV lights used to control microbes, bacteria, and mold. They target the root of the virus and other airborne contaminants to prevent them from multiplying.

How Do They Work?

The role of germicidal UV light is to neutralize the DNA of the bacteria at a frequency of 254nm to 265nm. Once the virus and other illness-causing pathogens have been deactivated, it creates covalent bonds that destroy and kill the nucleic acid of the microbes. As a result, the DNA will not be able to replicate and multiply. The level of efficiency depends on the intensity and duration of exposure to the UV light.

Why Install Germicidal UV Lights in Your A/C System?

Here are the amazing benefits of UV-C (germicidal UV lights):

  • Fight and Eliminate Bacteria, Mold, and Microbes

UV lights are proven effective when used in residential air conditioning systems to improve indoor air quality. They attack airborne contaminants that linger in your cooling unit and prevent them from circulating in your home. Take note; germicidal UV lights are non-chemical technology that eliminates yeast, mold, and bacteria in the safest way, keeping you and your family from the risk of harmful chemicals and respiratory issues such as asthma.

  • Increases Your System’s Efficiency

Installing a germicidal UV light in your air conditioning unit will keep dirt and other air contaminants from accumulating inside the system. Thus, your unit does not have to work longer and harder to meet your home’s comfort needs. By keeping the condenser coil clean and mold-free, it enhances the performance and efficiency of your A/C unit. An efficient air conditioner also means getting great savings on your energy bill.

Bottom Line

Germicidal UV lights are a practical investment, especially when used to enhance the quality of your residential indoor air. If you have any plans of purchasing and installing one in your home, our professionals at Freezing Mechanical Air Conditioning can help. Call us or send a message to connect with our experts.