Freezing Mechanical is an authorized dealer of YORK HVAC products. Our quality heating and cooling products can provide you the prefect balance of improved comfort and energy savings.

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Air Conditioners

Stay cool during summer with our huge selection of high-efficiency YORK air conditioners. These cooling products are designed with the highest quality and offer optimum level of reliability. When talking to our technicians, ask about the warranty.


Regardless of the size of your home, we have the right York gas furnace to help you stay warm and comfortable during the cold days. Our York furnaces have 90% (+) AFUE rating, which means you can save more on your energy bill.

Heat Pumps

YORK heat pumps are the answer if you need reliable and more energy-efficient heating system. Our YORK heat pumps have high SEER and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings for greater efficiency and savings.

Mini Split Systems

Freezing Mechanical can help you prevent escalated temperatures with our powerful York ductless mini-split systems. These air conditioning units can help you enjoy a cooler home environment, while giving you more control over home comfort.

Residential Packaged Equipments

Ensure total home comfort with our York packaged units. Combined with electric or gas heating in one outdoor unit, our residential packaged equipments from York can reduce your HVAC footprint.

Air Handlers

Keep your home comfortable with a dependable York air handler unit. Get help and expert opinions from our qualified dealers today. Our Air Handler Units can be paired with an air conditioner or heat pump in order to efficiently circulate cool or warm air throughout your indoor space.

Evaporators Coils

Our evaporator coils from York are the best way to enjoy refreshingly cool, clean, and comfortable air inside your home. Contact us today for high quality York evaporator coils!

Indoor Air Quality

Freezing Mechanical offers a wide array of air quality products that eliminate harmful particulates and allergens from your indoor air. We can help you select the right indoor air quality product for your home.

Thermostats Controls

We offer a wide selection of thermostats and zoning products to help you take control of your home’s air filtration, temperature, and humidity levels.