Should I Turn Off My A/C While Away To Save Money?

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You probably came to a point where you thought if turning off your A/C unit really saves money and energy. Or, would it save you more money if you just let it run all day even when you are away from home? Everyone loves being comfortable at home, but we also want to save some money.

Here’s what the experts at Freezing Mechanical think about this matter.

How Does an Air Conditioner Work?

Majority of homeowners in Hialeah, Florida surely want to stretch every penny they have on hand. And, one way to do this is to limit their A/C usage as much as possible.

Most of us think that allowing an air conditioner to operate in full gear makes it more efficient in the long run. Experts say that leaving an A/C unit running all day results in a higher energy bill and reduced efficiency. Letting it run the entire day even when nobody’s at home also damages the system. Your A/C unit also needs a break from its daily operation just like you need to take a 30-minute break from work. By doing this, you are not just adding years to your system, but you are also adding more bucks to your savings.

It’s time to cut the superstition that an air conditioner that operates full-time is somehow beneficial to the system. So, should you turn off your air conditioning unit for a bit to save money? Definitely!

Below are alternatives to staying cool this summer while your air conditioner is taking a break.

  • Get a Programmable Thermostat

Turn off your A/C while you are not in the house and turn it on before you get home. With a smart thermostat, you can adjust your home’s temperature while you are away. So the moment you walked in the door, your house is comfortable for everyone in the house.

  • Run Your Ceiling Fan

While the air conditioner is taking a break, it helps to run those ceiling fans.  It will make you feel comfortable while consuming less energy. But, do not expect it to keep your home cool while you are out.

  • Go Green

Keeping a relaxing environment at home doesn’t always have to include machines and other electrical devices like air conditioners. Plant trees and shady bushes. Going natural helps you save more money than expected.

Want to know more expert tips on how to save money with your air conditioner? Contact us at Freezing Mechanical, and we’re more than glad to help you! Call us today.